What Nobody Tells You About Losing Weight According to MyFitnessPal Users


It’s a common occurrence on a typical weight-loss journey to think that once you lose the weight, life will be easier, better, maybe even perfect. But all too often (and not just with weight loss), when one thing changes, it sets off a ricochet of other changes that you couldn’t even fathom at first.

Since losing weight often comes with more than just baggy clothes and a lower number on the scale, we asked MyFitnessPal users for unexpected revelations. Here’s what you shared:

There might be some jealousy

You continually order sizes way too large for your smaller shape

Less fat might mean more wrinkles, and that’s OK

You might re-evaluate your tribe

So. Much. More. Energy.

Being more self-conscious rather than less

How easily you can get cold now

That you could stay so committed

Smaller feet

Becoming a bit obsessed

Wearing dresses again


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